TWC's COVID 19 Response:

We are closely monitoring the rapidly changing situation.

At this unprecedented time of pandemic, our center is committed to the safety of our volunteers, staff, patients and supporting the health and safety of our community. Please take all recommended measures to reduce spread of this virus. This is a time for kindness, generosity, and helping each other.

As of March 23rd, we are admitting wildlife patients by appointment in order to support public safety and care for wildlife but will not have the public enter our facility when bringing patients. We have cancelled education programs through April. Further details are below.

Note: We are experiencing a decrease in funding with the cancellation of education programs. This comes just at the time of year when there is a lot of need for rehabilitation. Please donate as generously as you are able. 

Admissions: We are admitting wildlife patients but restricting access of the public. The public will not enter our facility after arranging for admission of a wildlife patient but will instead leave patients in a container in our patient drop off shed along with their contact information and information about where the patient was found.

Education programs: Have been cancelled through the end of April. As the next weeks unfold, we will evaluate whether that needs to be extended.

Volunteers and staffing: We are following many precautions to keep everyone safe including having a minimal number of people onsite, staggering our schedules, and having staff work remotely aside from patient care. Additional measures include, but are not limited to, having volunteers stay home if sick; washing hands upon arrival and prior to departure; disinfecting work surfaces and handles/door knobs; having tissues and disinfectant wipes available; not hand shaking or hugging; maintaining a distance of 6'; and showering and changing clothes once back home.