Thank You For Your Support!

Spring 2024 Wishlist

Gift Cards: Amazon, Walmart, Tractor Supply Co, Home Depot

Cleaning Products

  • Bleach
  • Liquid laundry detergent for high-efficiency machines (HE)
  • Small Scotch Brite sponges

For Wildlife Patients

  • Fresh fruit/veggies/greens (call to verify what is needed)
  • Antlers/antler pieces
  • Puppy pads
  • cotton balls
  • Wood pine or ash shavings for bedding (not cedar)
  • Gently used small (beanie baby sized) stuffed animals (stitched eyes, no hard plastic pieces please)
  • Producer's Pride 8x8 poultry pen
  • Other animal and livestock equipment (contact us to see what our needs are)
  • Mixed bird seed
  • Black oil sunflower seed
  • Thistle seed for finches

Medical Supplies

  • Sterile saline or lactated ringers (up to 2.5 dextrose) IV bags
  • Vet wrap, CoFlex, or similar product: 2”, and ½” widths
  • Gauze pads for wound cleaning
  • Surgical drapes
  • Nitrile Exam Gloves (all sizes)

Office and Facilities

  • Forever stamps
  • batteries (sizes AAA, AA, 9V)
  • 8.5 x 11 white printer paper

There are many ways that YOU can help

Visit our Amazon Wish List for great ideas of items you can send directly to our patients

Do your personal online shopping through Igive and designate TWC as the organization you’d like to support. At no additional cost to you, Tamarack will receive a financial donation!

Specialized equipment that will help us better treat wildlife include:

  • Animal incubators
  • Outdoor storage shed

We greatly appreciate your support! Contact us to schedule a time to drop off donations