Board of Directors

Sarah Sargent

Board President

As a professional avian biologist and lover of the outdoors, Sarah Sargent has devoted her life to the science and conservation of birds. The longtime President of Tamarack’s Board, she has great appreciation for the ways that Tamarack is small but mighty, helping birds and mammals with efficiency. She especially remembers one of the first bald eagles she worked with at Tamarack, Freedom’s Spirit, a large female who required three people at a time to hold her for three physical therapy sessions each week. Sarah felt she really knew this bird when the eagle was released back to the wild. Sarah is the Executive Director of the recently-founded Erie Bird Observatory, a conservation and research organization in Erie.

Terrie Swanson

Board Vice President

Terrie Swanson has loved wildlife since childhood hunting and fishing trips in the U.S. and Canada, as well as through photography and watching local bald eagles with her parents. From reporting injured wildlife in need of rescue, she later became more involved with Tamarack in treating patients and became one of the center’s lead educators. She finds rewards when “a student’s eyes brighten when you introduce them to an ambassador bird during an education program” and in “watching a raptor take flight into the wild after a successful rehabilitation".

Jim Daley

Board Secretary

Jim Daley put his degree in Environmental Resource Management to work in his career as a member of the PA Game Commission Board of Commissioners. During this time, he worked with Tamarack and the Commission to understand lead toxicity in bald eagles and to undertake a hunter education program to keep carcasses away from raptors and to encourage the use of non-toxic ammunition. He is semi-retired and now enjoys committing his time to non-profit causes, including Tamarack Wildlife Center.

Tomas Nonnenmacher

Board Member

Tomas Nonnenmacher is a professor of economics at Allegheny College. He has always enjoyed listening to and watching birds while on walks in the woods, but became a more serious birder when his wife bought him a guided bird tour as a present. He has birded throughout the United States and beyond, but his favorite bird-related activities involve discovering new birds, birding locations, and bird behavior in Crawford County.

Dr. Donald Consla

Board Member

Dr. Donald Consla was born and raised in Meadville, PA. He attended Allegheny College for undergraduate studies and then Western University of Health Sciences for Veterinary school. Currently, Dr. Consla works at Animal Friends as the Lead Veterinarian of Wellness and General Practice. Dr. Consla started his work with TWC during his freshman year of college as a work study and continues as the organization's sponsoring veterinarian. His favorite part of working with TWC is improving our regional environment through the rehabilitation of wildlife patients and education of the public.

Kelsy Astry

Board Member

Since childhood, Kelsy Astry has been enamored by the majesty and splendor of nature. She spent her youth camping on the banks of French Creek, hiking the woods around her home, and devouring every National Geographic article she could get her hands on. As an adult, those experiences have translated into a deep respect for wildlife and a commitment to organizations such as Tamarack Wildlife Center. At home, Kelsy enjoys her three indoor house bunnies, and consequently has a soft spot for wild cottontails and other small mammals.


Donations and memberships are the lifeblood supporting Tamarack's work of healing injured wildlife and returning them to the wild. Tamarack does not receive government funding. The injured, orphaned, and sick wildlife survive because of the generous donations of folks like you. Sharing your time and skills with the center is always welcomed. Become a member of Tamarack, sponsor a wildlife ambassador, or make a memorial contribution. It's your donations that give these animals a second chance.