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Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Since 1989
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Educational Programs

Traveling Live Animal Programs

Live animals captivate our attention and inspire us. In educational presentations, they serve as living models of physical and behavioral adaptations, natural selection and human impact on species survival. Tamarack offers live animal programs to school classes, scouts, preschools, clubs, summer camps, college classes, nursing homes, libraries, business meetings, and festivals. We tailor every program to the group’s needs. For schools, we adjust for grade level and address state academic standards in environment, ecology and science.

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Available Programs

Wings of Wonder: Pennsylvania Birds of Prey

K-12, adults

Get up close and personal with some of Pennsylvania’s magnificent birds of prey including a live falcon, hawk, and owl. Learn about these birds’ characteristic features, discover their adaptations and natural history, and explore their critical role in our environment. Find out what you can do to help birds of prey and the world we share.

Feathered Friends

Pre-K, K-2

Even the youngest learners are entranced by live birds. This program introduces them to the similarities and differences between birds and other living creatures and explores what we all need to survive. By meeting our friendly education chicken and a variety of live birds of prey, young people learn how birds or prey are unique and important in our environment.

All About Owls

K-12, adults

Meet the mysterious feathered hunters of the night!  Learn whether the myths about owls are true. Staff will bring three live owls to share, and you will learn about their fascinating adaptations for night life. You will also meet a non-owl raptor such as a hawk or falcon to help illustrate the unique features of owls. A variety of teaching tools, including feathers, wings, talons and recorded owl calls are used to support this unique learning experience.

Raptor Ecology

Middle School, High School, Adults

Based on state standards for Environment and Ecology, this dynamic program uses live birds of prey to explore human impact on the environment. In addition to learning raptor biology and natural history, students explore the impact of DDT and the success story of the peregrine falcon, and what bird science is teaching us about environmental change. These issues are linked to each species presented. This memorable program can be modified to meet teacher’s specific learning objectives upon request.


All group program pricing includes a program up to 60 minutes with 3-5 live animals and an education specialist. Programs for

  • up to 35 people are available for $100,
  • 36-50 people for $130,
  • 51-99 people for $160,
  • and $250 for programs and assembles over 100 people.

We would love to host your group at our Saegertown location! Onsite 60-minute programs are available for up to 35 people at $85.

Booth programs are typically 3-4 hours in length and are available for $300. Live animals and related educational artifacts and activities are displayed to see and discuss with Tamarack educators.

Available ambassador animals include an opossum, owls, hawks and/or falcons. Requests for specific animals may be made but cannot be guaranteed.

Additional Charges & Discounts

A mileage charge applies to all off-site programs. This charge is calculated using the current federal mileage reimbursement rate (58 cents/mile in 2019) for the round trip from our center.

Programs that fall on a weekend, evening, or holiday are $25 additional.

Additional consecutive programs on the same day, at the same location, are $10 off.


To schedule a program, please call Tamarack Wildlife Center at 814-763-2574 and leave a detailed message including your name, phone number, location, and requested dates if applicable, or email our scheduling coordinator Rick Wyman: rick@tamarackwildlife.org.