Sponsor – Tammy


Your donation will go directly toward the care of your ambassador, education programs that our ambassadors participate in, and the mission of rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife in our area. You will also receive a certificate, a 4″ x 6″ professional photo of your animal, and a color brochure about your animal and its species.




Virginia Opossum

Tammy was admitted as a patient in summer of 2023, and received her nickname in honor of our center’s name. Tammy is not able to be released, due to her missing a large part of her tail. Opossums need their tails to gather and carry nesting materials to stay warm, and for balance when they climb. Tammy instantly charms new human friends with her inquisitive personality and her sweet pink nose! When she isn’t on education programs she enjoys exercising in her large running wheel and eating as many apples and carrots as she’s allowed to have!