Sponsor – Sophia


Your donation will go directly toward the care of your ambassador, education programs that our ambassadors participate in, and the mission of rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife in our area. You will also receive a certificate, a 4″ x 6″ professional photo of your animal, and a color brochure about your animal and its species.




Barred Owl

After being hit by a car, Sophia was brought to Tamarack to be treated for a broken wing. She healed well enough to have limited flight but and cannot fly well enough to survive in the wild. Barred Owls are one of only two Pennsylvania owl species that have dark eyes (other owls have a yellow iris) and they have the most vocal variations of any Pennsylvania owl.

Since 2003, Sophia has been helping Tamarack educators with their presentations.  Her beauty and dark eyes are breathtaking.